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    Our mission is to provide an accessible, safe and stimulating play environment for preschool children and a haven for their carers.

Join the Community

Teaching your child to socialise is a very import pre-school skill. The children your child meets are all local, so they most likely will be the same children they go to school with.

But it isn’t just the kids who benefit. Carers have the chance to meet others who are going through the same life stage. Our visiting members are typically either a mum, dad, grand-parent or nanny.

Learning to Share

We have lots of age appropriate toys to share or take turns. We also have multiple items for when your little one wants to join in with others.

Our ‘play’ range is vast and includes trains, cars, books, musical instruments, lego duplo, farm animals, cozy coupes, tricycles, scooters, balance bikes, baby and toddler swings, balls, play kitchen and market, doll house, painting, play dough, craft, a large sandpit, slides, fort, multiple cubby houses and more.

The indoor area is moved around regularly, so your children don’t become bored with the layout.

Providing a Safe Environment

BCP is fully enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones escaping. Although you are solely responsible for your child, members tend to band together as a community, to jointly supervise the visiting children. This provides breathing space to grab a cup of tea, sit down & relax.

BCP is also conscious of allergies and their potentially life threatening effects. No nut products are allowed onsite. The consumption of food is restricted to one area.

A Gift

Playhouses are not available in every council area. We are very lucky to have this facility available to us.

What Members Are Saying

”BCP has been a wonderful opportunity for our family as it has enabled me to have my son socialise and play in a safe and fun home away from home. A change is as good as a holiday and on rainy days sometimes you just don’t want to leave home but you do want to change your child’s ( and your) environment. Our time at the playhouse will be fondly remembered especially some special mums I’ve been able to meet that otherwise may not have.”
Kylie-ann Kobelt

What Members Are Saying

"It's our sanctuary - a safe and friendly place to take your children and spend time connecting with other parents in our community. So blessed to be members."
Hazel Rauch

What Members Are Saying

”Our son Lachlan is a VERY active 2 year old! The playhouse provides such a safe and fun environment for him to burn off some steam. I also have a newborn and although I was nervous at first about managing Lachie and a newborn, I had nothing to worry about. Everyone is so helpful and friendly – I had nothing to worry about! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful facility in our community ”
Sarah Bell

What Members Are Saying

During our visits to BCP our little girl learnt to socialise, share, take turns and despite resolutions. It was great place to watch her play ‘alone’, then ‘alongside’, then ‘with’ other kids. Letting her play at a distance, to develop her confidence, whilst knowing she would be safe, was a welcome relief.

Also, there are tons of tons that we didn’t have to buy because BCP has them. And a few firm favourites that we have bought, for home, with confidence they wouldn’t be collecting dust. Membership saved us a fortune.” ”
Kim Beavis

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